Britt Sekulić is a children’s book illustrator and writer, based in Los Angeles and the beautiful Pacific Northwest of western Washington. She lives with her husband and sidekick pug Jussi, and together they dream up silly ideas for fun children's illustrations.

Britt has illustrated 7 children’s books and with two new releases this year: Fishin' for Trouble and Party Animal . Her work includes the Vail’s TalesThe Daily Round’s of a Hound series, Come Along and Dream as well as her very own children’s book series Peepi Leepi


Currently, she is finishing up the second book in the Peepi Leepi series and is also working on her first children's chapter book, a YA science fiction series that will be released in 2023.


Britt’s work has been featured on CNN, reached #1 in children’s religious fiction on Amazon, she has worked with award-winning journalists, and even has a book she designed in Buckingham Palace. 

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Additional work from Britt includes: book design for childrens’ books Bernie’s First Plane Adventure and Bernie and the Lonely Rhino by CNN journalist Faith Karimi, map design for fiction book Burners by New York Times bestselling author Bob Mayer, book cover and map design for Guernica: The Wound in the Heart, book cover art for The Ensuite Life: Traveling the World and Avoiding the Toilet at the End of the Hall, album art for Born To Be Kings EP by Orbit Monkey, as well as logo and web design for various small businesses. 


She is also founder of Popstradamus a self-publishing assistant business that helps people design and publish their books. 


Where do you do your illustrating?

Sometimes I illustrate in my studio, sometimes outdoors, sometimes while watching krimis, sometimes on a plane, sometimes upside down, sometimes backwards, but almost always with my pug Jussi by my side and music playing.


Where do you get inspiration for your drawings?

Pug snuggling, music, yoga, hiking, nature, traveling, daydreams, dream dreams, and the silly moments in between.

I've heard you are a big music buff. Are you on Spotify or Soundcloud? 

Yes! You can find me on Spotify, I have a ton of playlists. I also post my favorite new songs on Instagram stories throughout the week that have gained a fun following. 


I try my best to squeak in as many little hidden gems as I can in my drawings. Sometimes you'll see pop culture references, or little nods to things I like, or funny things that were said between myself and the author. In theVail's Tales books, I did my best to get in as many personal tidbits about Vail herself in the illustrations, for instance, her favorite colors, favorite foods, I even drew her family and a few of her friends into the book. When we do book readings, I get to tell the kids all the funny stories behind the illustrations. 

What equipment or programs do you use for your drawing?

Mostly my iPad and the Apple Pencil for my drawings these days. I first started working with paper, colored pencil, and a lightbox, but it was terribly painstaking. Now I use Procreate for my drawing. It's easy to use and you can do so many more fun things digitally than you can from drawing on paper. I also use Adobe Photoshop for some final touchups on my desktop and then for the final book design and text layout I use Adobe InDesign. 

Could you illustrate my book? HOW DO YOU CHARGE?

I am occasionally available for new book projects! Feel free to email me and we'll see what we can dream up. Every book project is assessed individually. I usually charge a fee per illustration and then for each added service that's needed: text layout, book design, publishing etc. 

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